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Subject: ? about Beta's


A very simple question...We just bought a Beta for our daughter. How often

do we feed it? The girl at the store said every other day, and the bottle

says several times a day. Which is right?


In short, the bottle. The girl probably told you this because folks new to fishkeeping tend to "overfeed."

This Betta is probably kept in a bowl or small tank by itself. Feed it about twice a day, in VERY small amounts. It is better to feed fish more often in lower amounts.

As a side note, you may want to visit our website, Aquaricare and look at our foods. We do have a $20 minimum, but our color flakes will make that Betta look more beautiful than ever! All our foods are 100% natural, unlike the major brands. Who knows, your daughter may develop into a real hobbyist as she grows older.

Take care and happy fishkeeping!



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