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Subject: Dying guppies


We purchased a 2 1/2 gallon tank with filter and air stone/pump for our 5 year old,(Wanted to start off small). We purchased 3 guppies to go into the tank they have mbeen in there for 2 months. The female just had babies 2 have survived m(hiding out in the plant). First question is how many guppies should we have to this tank size ? And , secondly how much & how many times a day do you feed them ?? We have gotten many different answers.

Thank you


Dear Indianapolis,

It sounds like things are going very well for you. Even though Guppies are known to be prolific, they are also showing you that they are content. In regard to quantity: If you have the five guppies now, that is more than adequate for the 2.5 gallon. I’d like to tell you that you could have more, but five is about all your tank will support.

In regard to feeding: Guppies like to be fed in small amounts, more often. Feed them about 3x daily. Make sure that you crush the food very fine (small mouths) and don’t overfeed them. Excess food increases the toxins very quickly.

Keep up what your doing and you will be just fine. If you enjoy the hobby, and I’m sure you do, you way want to move up to a larger tank. 10-gallon setups are often very inexpensive. If you purchase the tank only (since you have the equipment) it should be fairly inexpensive. Perhaps someday you’ll move up to a custom built 300 gallon with some large cichlids!

Happy fishkeeping!



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