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Subject: How long to run the filter pump for?


I've just bought a small tank (2-3 gallons perhaps) which has a

built-in pump. I've noticed that when I switch the pump on the fish

rush over to the corner where the water flows back in and just sit there

facing into the flow of water. I wondered if there might be a problem

with the amount of oxygen in the water. I have a live plant in the tank

which should help but I was really wondering how long I should run the

pump for each day - or if there's really not a problem at all (!).

The tank has not had time to mature yet - it's only a few days old.




I am not sure which model you have. It could be a tank called the Eclipse,

which is a popular small tank. I don’t believe you have any problem to

worry about.

This filter that came with your tank is meant to be run 24/7. The fish

probably like to swim in the current produced by it. Many fish do.

However, fish also tend to get into the current when they are ill, so watch

for any signs of disease. A good book on fish diseases ( click here to find one) would be a

great buy for any beginner.

Enjoy the hobby, and don’t worry too much. It sounds like you are doing

just fine. Remember to keep the fish quantities low until your tank is

completely cycled.

Happy Fishkeeping!



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