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Subject: Guppies


I found your address on the web and wondered if you could help.

I have recently bought some guppies (3 males and 1 female) and have put

them into a room temperature terracota bowl with some white cloud

mountain minnows, lots of plants & rocks, etc.

One of the males died on the first day but the others are fine and have

been there now for about three or four weeks. After about a week of

seeming quite happy, one of the males starting to spend all its time behind

the rocks, only coming out to feed. Soon both males were doing this, and

when they do come out, they are immediately chased back in again by the


What do you think might be wrong? I thought that maybe the female had laid

eggs and they were being fertilised, but this has ben going on for nearly

two weeks.

Any ideas?


Mick Sheridan - London, England

Mr. Sheridan,

There are many factors involved that I do not have information for. I

will offer a few words.

1) Was the container properly cycled?

2)How many fish are in it?


large is it?

4)How much room do the fish have to swim in this container

(with the decorations)?

5)What is your room temperature?

6) What is the ph of the water?

Since guppies are livebearers the fertilization takes place while the

female is still carrying the young (fry). The female may have chosen that

area as the birthing area, but that leads to speculation.

Hopefully this info, and these questions will get us off to a start in

determining the root of the problem.



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