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Subject: Sharks and tank conditions

Hello, I am new in the fish hobby and am looking for some

information. I have a 10 gallon tank, heater, filer, gravel etc. My water is

up to 80 degrees, tested and adjusted to pH- 7.0. There is no ammonia and I

have added the salts and the stress coat. to the best of my knowledge the

aquarium is ready. I am going to populate the tank with 4 Colombian


I was told that it is best to add fish two at a time per week.

However, I am not sure what fish are compatible with these fish. I

am fascinated with the shark look. Although they are not sharks, the

Colombian Sharks have that look about them. I am looking for other fish that

portray the sharks image and will not eat each other. Can you help?

If pictures are available can you please send some. You help is

greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Stephen Tilley


Thanks for clearing that up. Now I can give you more information. As I

stated before, you are dealing with fish that grow up to about 12 inches.

You tank will be inadequate very quickly. Min. tank for four of these fish

should be at least 75 gallon.

Your ph should be higher, probably around 7.6. They like the water a bit

more alkaline. Their natural waters can be a bit brackish, so you may want

to add some salt to your water.

Your friends will enjoy live or frozen foods occasionally. A base diet of

our pellets would be a less costly alternative. Our site is

As far as compatible tankmates, first consider your size problems. After

that, a mix with other similar types would be fine. Perhaps Scatphagus

Argus, a favorite of mine.

Either way, you definitely need 1) A larger tank, 2) To choose some

smaller shark type fish.  


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