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Subject: beta splendens
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000

I have had a beta for almost a year. I change the water every 3 weeks and feed
every other day. It is dark blue in color, but I noticed a patch on his tail changing
to a reddish color. I have been putting "quick cure" for ick in the water, but I'm
uncertain because the description of this disease talks about "white spots." The
fish is very active and does not appear to have any symptoms of disease. Is it
normal for these fish to have color changes?


It does not sound like your friend has ick. The white spots you have mentioned would
generally characterize it. The red patch is probably a bacterial infection caused by some
excess of pollutant in the water. Sometimes the red patches will continue to grow if they
are not treated and will develop a white fungus on them as well. My suggestion would
be to purchase a medicine at a local fish store for this bacterial infection. It is also important
to note: 1) you are doing well with your water changes, so keep it up. 2) When changing
water be sure to use a proper water conditioner. 3) Always be sure to treat a disease with
the proper medication and always the proper dose. Give your Betta a little extra conditioner
until his slime coat has recovered. An example would be a product called Stress Coat,
available at most any fish store. Fish can experience color changes for various reasons,
so before you treat it, make sure it is a disease. It should be quite easy to tell. I wish you
Betta well. Feel free to write again.



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