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Subject: Any fish compatible with bettas

I've searched the internet, and I've asked people in pet stores,and it seems like there are no fish that are compatible with bettas and don't need either air bubbles or cold water. Are there any other labarynth fish that could live with a betta in a one gallon container? Or, would a weekly water change and two partial changes a week be enough aeration for a compatible fish without a labarynth? If not, no problem, but it's seeming pretty impossible right now.On one internet site it seemed like a Ctenpoma ansorgei has similar aquarium requirements, but it sounded like it was a  fairly agressive fish too, would it get along with a betta?




You have a very popular question regarding one of the most kept fish in the hobby. There are different species of Bettas, but I will assume you have the most common Betta Spledens. A single specimen (male) can be kept with other fish. I believe your real problem is the size of the tank. A one-gallon container is fine for a Betta, but when you add another fish you will have exceeded the limitations of your tank. This is true even if you add a labyrinth fish.

My real recommendation would to set yourself up a nice 5 or 10-gallon system with a small community to keep your Betta in. If you cannot afford to do this or do not have the space, perhaps trying a similar size fish, peaceful in temperament, and preferably a labyrinth

variety. A choice would be adding a small pump and air stone, a small bushy plant, and perhaps a dwarf anabantid to your current system. You really should do a water change once a week even in this system. FYI-Our Vibrant Color Blend would be a great food for these two. Ctenpoma ansorgei is not a good choice in your case. This fish would not be compatible with your Betta.

Hope this helps you out. Happy fishkeeping.



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