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Subject: Fish numbers

We are getting a fish tank a 29 gallon one what type of fish should we

buy to decorate it up and how many is a good number to swim in it?


Dear Fish Enthusiast,

The answer to this question is largely up to you. First you should go to your local fish store. You should have a local fish store, or pet store. I do not recommend going to a chain store or “place that sells fish too.”

Your local store will have a good selection, they will be able to answer your questions and you can look at all the choices to see what you like. If you have never had fish before, the choices can be astounding! Things to think about before you go. 1) Do you want to have all of one type of fish or do you want to have several different kinds? 2) What colors do you want to see in your tank? 3) Try to think about the aquascapes, that is the substrate, decorations in accordance with the fish you will keep. The number of fish varies on several factors. Your local shop should be able to help you there.

It sounds like this is your first aquarium. I wish you the best of fortune with it. All the top breeders and hobbyists around the globe started with one tank.

Three things to remember

1) Don’t overfeed.

2) Don’t give up.

3) Most important- Do your research. Read, read and read some more.

Let me know how it goes and feel free to visit our site for your fish foods. They are the best you’ll find.



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