British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair Cats

One of the oldest European breeds, the British Shorthair traces its ancestry back to Roman times, when the cats arrived with Roman soldiers and quickly spread across the English and European countryside. The British was originally desirable for it's strength but eventually became popular for it's gentle disposition. Because of so little crossbreeding, the British Shorthair remains a very healthy, breed with few problems.

The British Shorthair was one of the first breeds to be shown in Britain but remained rare in the United States.  In 1964 it was accepted for championship showing in the U.S.

This cat is medium to large with strong short legs. The eyes are large, round and copper in color.  The coast is thick and short. Combing weekly is all that is necessary.

Your will find the British Shorhair in all color varieties except solid chocolate, solid lilac and colorpoint.  You will see the tabby pattern often in all colors.

The British Shorthair can be an independent and reserved cat but is also loyal, calm, and a devoted pet.  If you want a cat that is kitten like, matures late, this is the cat for you.

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