Burmese Cat Breed


Some say a distinctive cat which is compared to no other breed. Sleek and elegant is easy to care for and considered by may to be the perfect cat.

In the United States, the Burmese Cat has only be around since 1930. But in Burma, documentation shows them having been
in existence for 500 years. They were originally created from
a seal point Siamese and another similar type cat from Burma.

In 1941 the Burmese was withdrawn from the Cat Fanciers' Association
it was felt that cats with three generations of descendants did not breed true to type. They were allowed back into competition in l956. In the early 1960's a new color arose, Champagne, and caused  problems. The sable brown color, the only color for the Burmese, was the only brown cat in competition .
They were called Malayan to calm the people who bred only the brown sable Burmese.  In the 1970's more controversy arose when and extreme type of Burmese was bred and brought to show.  

Some judges awarded points for this extreme type but its found that this breeding carried defects causing many not to survive. A five year study
concluded the extreme type carried genetic flaws.
The new look is called contemporary and is still a controversy today.

The United States Burmese is a rounder and stockier cat than the Burmese found in other countries.  It has a medium sized body and good muscles. The legs are medium length and paws are small and round in the U.S. and oval in
Britain. The coat is very shiny, short and fine. Grooming is easy as  a once a week combing is all that is necessary.

Four color varieties are found in the United States, sable, blue, platinum(also know as lilac), and champagne(also known as chocolate.)

The Burmese is extremely friendly and should be kept inside for safety reasons. The are very affectionate and are constantly needed attention. They remain playful even as adults and don't like to be left alone for a long time. For this reason, if you are gone a lot during the day you should consider having two cats together in the household.

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