Cymric Cat Breed

Cymric Cats

The Cymric cat is a long haired Manx. He must comply with all the same requirement for show that exist for the Manx. The most important feature for the Cymric as for the Manx is the complete absence of the tail. Its long fur comes from a recessive gene.

Like its relative the Manx, the Cymric has short front legs, longer back legs and a short back. This cat has a double coat which is soft and full. The long hair requires daily combing.

Cymrics were first seen in litters from Manx cats in Canada in the l960's and are still seen only in shows in North America. They have yet to receive full status as a champion breed.

This cat is playful, loves to sit atop high areas and will catch toys and also bury them like a dog.

The Cymric requires daily combing with a medium-toothed comb.

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