Devon Rex Cat Breed

Devon Rex Cats

The Devon Rex like its cousin the Cornish Rex, exhibits an interesting  and exotic appearance. Cat lovers who like the unusual are captivated by the Devon. The first known Devon was born in East Germany in 1946. Breeding of the Rex cats began in 1951, one year after the Cornish Rex appeared. The Devon Rex was discovered as a single kitten in a litter in the 1960's. The curly coat is its outstanding characteristic. It was recognized for the championship show in 1982 and is bred worldwide.

The Devon is muscular and can be small to medium sized. The face is very small compared with its large wide ears. Its legs are very long and slender and, like the Cornish Rex, appears to be on its tiptoes when standing. The coat is more softly wavy than tightly curled like the Cornish. Daily hand grooming is required. The Devon Rex has a coat of very fine, silky hair and needs to live
in a warm climate

The  Devon Rex is found in any variety of colors.  Its most important feature is its wavy coat and cute face.  They are a playful, lovable, and friendly and like to show affection.

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