Some snakes have as many as 200 teeth, a lot more than people.

Ants are among the longest living insects in the world. Although most types of worker ants live from several months to a few years, the queen ant can survive up to 20 years! Compare these life spans with those of a common housefly (about 2 months), a rabbit (about 10 years), and a dog (usually 2-15 years).

In Sacramento, dogs collared dual aesthetic roles as muses and artists at "Pet Picasso," an event held in a Del Paso Heights storefront Sept. 18. Art by the dogs, of the dogs and for the dogs (they sniffed, anyway) was created and displayed at the event.

In New York City, land of specialized art galleries, the upscale William Secord Gallery, which opened in 1990, is exclusively dedicated to dog paintings. Owner Secord has written scholarly books on the subject: "Dog Painting: 1840 to 1940: A Social History of the Dog in Art" and "European Dog Painting."

On the mass-market front, Cajun painter George Rodrigue's "Blue Dog" paintings have roamed through the pop culture in the past few years. And we can't seem to get enough of those William Wegman photographs of Weimaraners dressed in tuxedos, baseball uniforms, wedding gowns and the like.

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