Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

Egyptian Mau Cats

The special traits of the Egyptian Mau are grace and elegance.  This is the only natural breed of spotted cat and is considered rare. .This cat probably first came from Cairo and could possibly be a descendant of the ancient cat of Egypt. Only three cats that were brought into the united States in 1956 and this is where the American breed originated. The ancestry of all Egyptian Maus in the United States and Canada have been traced to these
three cats.
But recently other cats were brought in to widen the gene pool that is presently available. Championship status was achieved in the United States in 1977.

The Egyptian Mau is a very strong cat with a medium sized body.  The color of the eyes becomes stronger as the cat matures.  They should become a vivid green.  The legs are thin and the back legs are longer than the front legs.  The coat is very shiny and of medium length.  Care of this cat is very simple, just daily hand grooming will be all that is necessary.

You will find the Mau in just four colors, silver, smoke, black and bronze.  The black Mau is used for breeding but is not eligible for show.

The Egyptian Mau is very loyal, devoted, and intelligent.  He talks in a soft, singing voice when happy and is also know to wag his tail.  It is also said the Mau likes to be walked on a leash.

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