Jordanella Floridae

Species Information

Jordanella floridae

Native to North America: from St. Johns and Ochlocknee River drainages south to peninsular Florida, USA.

This killifish spawns its eggs at the base of a plant or in a fanned-out depression in the subtrate. As the male is a strenuous courter, the breeding aquarium should be thickly planted, including, if possible, some Riccia. The female should be removed after spawning. A well established 5-10 gallon tank containing soft algae is best. For several days about 20 eggs are deposited at the bottom. At 75 degrees they hatch in 5 or 6 days. The male fans the eggs, guards and protects the babies.

Feeds on worms, crustaceans, insects and plant matter and is a heavy eater. In the absence of algae, some spoiled spinach should be alternated with other foods.

Not a seasonal killifish. Is easy to maintain in the aquarium. The species is rather combative.

Lenght, 2 inches.

Water; it prefers alkaline water.

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