Manx Cat Breed

Manx Cats

The Manx is the symbol of the Isle of Man and famous for having no tail. It is said the lack of the tail was the result of the isolation of the island although there are legends that say otherwise. In Britain the Manx is no longer recognized in competition because it is felt that breeding this cat will produce a deadly spine defect. It the United States the Manx is still being shown and is very popular.

The body of the Manx is the shortest of any of the cat breeds. The back legs are very muscular and are longer than the front legs, which are short. The rear end of this cat sits quite a bit higher than the shoulders.

There are high risks in breeding Manx cats. One should be aware of the high death rate of kittens. Two completely tailless Manx cats must never be bred because the kittens will most probably have spinal deformities and die.

The Manx has a double coat that is short and heavy. You will find the Manx is all colors and patterns. They require daily combing.

The Manx is usually a good-natured cat who likes to perch up high. He is known to retrieve and buy toys like a dog.

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