Morgan Horses

The Morgan was first bred in Massachusetts in the 1790s. The founder was a small bay colt called "Figure" who was believed to have Welsh Cob, Thoroughbred, and Arabian origins.

A man named Justin Morgan as payment for a debt inherited Figure. Morgan bred Figure with all types of mares. The offspring always inherited the sire's strength and stamina.

Some Morgan were used to form other breeds, like the saddlebred, standardbred, Tennessee walking horse, quarter horse, mountain pleasure horse, morab, Missouri fox trotters, rocky mountain horse, Kentucky mountain saddle horse, and the hackney horse and pony.

They are divided into two categories: the Park horse and the Pleasure horse. The Park horse has a higher action. Both are popular in the ridden and harness classes and as a working cow horse, a cutting horse, a gaming horse, a reining horse , a dressage horse, and every discipline in the horse world.

Height: 14-15 hands

Color: Bay, black, brown, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, grey, dun, and pinto (sabino).

Personality: Easy to handle, intelligent and with great endurance.


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