Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a wild looking and beautiful cat. it is an ancient natural breed that at one time lived in the woods of Norway.  The farmers loved this cat for its hunting ability but due to lack of attention to the breed it almost became extinct. In the early 1970's Carl-Fredrik Nordane organized a breed club to preserve the Forest Cat. It was given championship recognition in l977 in Europe. In 1979 the first Norwegian Forest Cat arrived in the United States but due to its likeness to the Maine Coon it did not receive recognition in the U.S. until 1987.

The Forest Cat is muscular with a large body of medium length.  The legs are medium length with heavy muscles. The front legs are also thick. The coat is double and water resistant. It is not shaggy but uneven looking. Daily combing is necessary when shedding but otherwise very little combing is required. This cat takes care of itself.

You will find the Forest Cat only with longhair but in any color combination with the exception of colorpointed, solid lilac and chocolate.

This cat loves the outdoors and is an excellent hunter but he also loves to be petted and handled.  He returns the attention and is loyal and a good companion.

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