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The Ocicat, a wonderful family cat, looks like a cat out of the wild. It actually has no relation to a wild cat or and Ocelot for which it was named.

An unexpected member of a litter in 1964, the Ocicat was the result of the crossing of a ruddy coated Abyssinian with a seal point Siamese. The one kitten became a large, ivory colored cat that had golden spots and copper eyes. Other breeders used the same cross but later the American Shorthaired was included in the breeding for the purpose of broadening the genetic base. In 1986 the Ocicat was granted acceptance for Championship show

The Ocicat is a medium to large cat with a long, muscular, strong body. He has muscular, medium to long legs. He has the distinctive tabby "M" on the forehead, which extends over the head and breaks into small spots when it reaches the lower neck and shoulders. He is also distinctly marked with round spots running in rows along his spine from the shoulder blades to his tail. His belly also will exhibit these spots. He has a short, satin-like coat so he requires little grooming. You may hand groom him daily and brush very rarely.

The Ocicat always has spots but comes in a number of color varieties from tawny, the brown-spotted tabby, to lavender silver and fawn silver with chocolate and cinnamon combinations seen as well.

Qualities of the Abysinnian, Siamese, and the American Shorthaired will be seen in the Ocicat, as this is his ancestry. It is not a demanding cat and will become a part of the family. It will get along quite well if you household already have other cats or dogs. He is easily trained and very sociable. He is another cat that doesn't like to spend too much time alone.

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