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Silver Fox Rabbit Breed

Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is the second oldest American-developed rabbit, the oldest being the American Blue. The breed was originated and developed during the 1920's by W. B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio, and perfected over a 14-year period. It was the first rabbit of its day which would dress out at a pound over half of its live weight. It is bred in two varieties: Black and Blue.

In 1925 the American Silver Fox was accepted into the Standard of A.R. & C.B.A. as the "American Silver Giant". In 1929 the name "Amercian Silver Fox" was given to the breed. In England there is also a "Silver Fox", but this is the English name for what we call the Silver Marten.

The Silver Fox is a large rabbit with Senior does at 10-12 pounds and Senior bucks at 9-11 pounds. The body is medium in length with well filled shoulders and hindquarters. The two important features are its unusual long fur and evenly silvered coat. The coat is longer than normal commercial rabbit fur, with slightly coarse texture that should resemble the pelt of a fox. Silver tipped or white hairs will be present along the flanks and all over the body including head, feet and tail.

The black color should run deep to the skin with a slate undercolor. The most unusual quality of the fur is that when it is slowly stroked backwards from the tail to the head, the fur "stands up," and it requires another stroke from the head to the tail to return it back in place.

Silver Fox are a gentle breed. The does are easy breeders and excellent mothers. They seem to adapt to any climate and sudden changes in temperature does not appear to bother them. They are easy to handle and they like attention. A high dress out percentage with a predominantly small boned carcass makes them a very desirable meat breed.

Silver Fox come in two varieties: black and blue. Black is the only variety recognized at the moment although the blues have two more presentations to be accepted in the ARBA again.

For more information visit the Olive Branch Rabbitry
or write the The National Silver Fox Rabbit Club at PO Box 31, Lockbridge, IA 52635

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