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Siamese Cats

A favorite among cats lovers the world over. The Siamese is a contradiction in terms being both elegant with gorgeous coloring and mischievous and energetic. In Thailand the original Siamese cats can still be seen. They are very different from the Siamese cats you will see in the show ring today. The cats seen in Thailand are husky bodied with a rounded head. The eyes are crossed and the tails chinked. The Siamese cat was nurtured and kept within temple and palace walls. The royalty of Siam gave the Siamese cats to visiting dignitaries as gifts. This was a great honor during that time. In the late 1800's the Siamese was seen in cat shows in Britain. He began appearing in the United States in the early 1900's. At that time the only color to be accepted was seal point. When blue points first appeared in 1934, the judges would not judge them as a separate class. In 1946 the chocolate point was recognized and in 1955 the lilac point. Many other colors have appeared but not without controversy. Some associations accepted as Siamese the red, tortie, and lynx point cats. Other associations called them a separate breed and called them Colorpoint Shorthaired.

The Siamese is a slender graceful looking cat. It has a medium sized body that is long with strong muscles and fine bones. The eyes of the Siamese are always blue, the deeper and more vivid the better. The legs are long and slender. The coat is always shorthaired although in some groups the Balinese is called a longhaired Siamese. Grooming is easy due to the short coat. Brushing or combing two times weekly is all that is necessary.

All Siamese are colorpoint cats. They are all pure white at birth and the colorpoints appear as they mature. They are seen in seal point, blue point, lilac point, tortie point, red point, chocolate point, and lynx point. The Cat Fanciers' Association refers to the red, tortie, and lynx points as Colorpoint Shorthaired.

This cat is smart and loving. He is a people-loving cat and expects attention. He can also frustrate his human with his antics. He really dislikes to be left alone and can get into trouble if lonely. The manner in which the Siamese communicates is legendary. A female in season can be heard a round the block and sounds just like a human baby crying. The Siamese is known to be high strung and active, always moving.

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