Pet Sitters In Nevada
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Davis Pet Care Services
9275 Brightridge Drive
Reno, NV 89506

Phone: 775-972-5728


Can't take your pet(s) with you? While you are away, experience peace of mind that your pets are in a familiar environment, receiving the same care and attention they are accustomed to. If you are going to be away for a week or more, your plants will also be watered, newspapers brought in, trash set out on trash day and brought back in, blinds and lights alternated, etc....Please call or email me for more information.


A All Critter Sitter Home Care
10 Richland Acres Ct
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 614-4282

Cedar Grove Pet Resort
106 Mineral Drive, Ely, NV 89301
(775) 289-9117

Ms Petis Pet Sitting Service
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 877-1734
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