Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Turkish Angoras

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest longhaired breeds and in its home country of Turkey efforts are being made to preserve its bloodlines. This is a pure natural breed of cat. They are still highly regard in their homeland. In the sixteenth century they were given as gifts to nobility. In Ankara Turkey, the Ankara Zoo has a breeding colony of Angora cats. They breed only the white cats. Since the 1940's the Turkish Angora has been a protected species. The Turkish Angora known today did not come to the United States until 1962.

This cat is graceful with a muscular, medium sized body. He is long and slim. The long legs are strong. The Angora hair is fine and thick of medium length. The coat shimmers. There is no undercoat and the hair on the upper body is straight but becomes wavy on the stomach. This cat requires regular grooming and combing should be done with a medium toothed comb to remove dead hair. It is especially important to groom when the winter coat is being shed to prevent hairballs.

Originally Angoras were only recognized in white. They are now recognized in all colors and patterns with the exception of colorpoint, solid lilac, and chocolate. Most breeders still like to breed the original white cats. White Angoras with odd colored eyes may be deaf in the ear on the blue eyed side.

The Turkish Angora is a great pet and it is said they may be the most intelligent of the breeds. They are playful and friendly.

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