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Subject: Aquarium stand question

Hi there,

I recently bought my first large aquarium, a 50 gallon which

measures approximately 48"x13" and is 19" tall. I bought a wrought iron

stand that said it was 48x13, but when I got the aquarium on the stand I

have found that the aquarium is overhanging just like 1/8" (just barely)

on the front and back edges. Is this possibly a stand for a different

size aquarium? I know there are 40 and 45 long tanks that are of similar

dimensions. I would hate to set this big tank up only to find that the

stand will compromise the structure of the aquarium. Could you give me

any advice on this? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.



This is a fairly common occurrence. The major manufacturers vary their sizes and fits to a small degree (so that you generally need to use their products). Long-story…

The fit should be adequate. If there is enough difference to make you EXTREMELY uncomfortable, you may want to return the stand (if possible) and get a particleboard or pine stand. They will cost you a little more, but this is not something you want to worry about for years down the road.

I would generally not worry about this issue if the difference is minimal as you say. The weight is distributed over the rest of the frame, so here should never be a problem. As I say, your comfort is more important. Peace of mind with a tank/stand will be of much greater value than a few extra dollars.

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I hope this helps you out and I am sure you will make the correct decision.



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