Birman Cat Breed

Birman Cat Information

The Birman cat is also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. This is a beautiful cat whose luxurious coat and exquisite coloring make it very admired. The Birman is a gentle cat with a terrific personality. Because this cat is very active and playful it is a great companion for children.

The Birman is usually large and somewhat stocky with large boned legs.  The paws are always white.  This is the most recognized feature of the Birman Cat.  The gloves on the front feet are exact and should end in an even line across the paw, although only the second of third joint.  On the back paws the gloves should cover the entire toe area.. They will also extend up the back of the leg (hock, or first joint).
The Birman is an easy cat to care for with daily combing and brushing and it can tolerate cool climates.

You will find several varieties of the Birman Cat; blue point, seal point, chocolate point, and lilac point.  These are the only varieties recognized for championship showing.

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