Chartreux Cat Breed

Chartreux Cats

The Chartreux is of French origin. An agile cat and a good hunter. This cat loves the outdoors and loves to roam. But rest assured, he'll be home for dinner.

The Chartreux can be documented as far back as the sixteenth century. They do back to the Carthusian monks and were kept at the monastery where Chartreuse liqueur was made, probably to keep down the mice and rat population. The Chartreux came on the scene in Paris in 1931   They first came to the United States in 1970 and were recognized as champions and classed separately from the British Shorthair in 1983.

This cat is of medium size with a chunky body.  It is muscular with short and fine boned legs. With a double coat  that is soft and luxurious the thickness makes both the male and female appear bulkier. The top coat is water-resistant. The coat parts in places just like that of a sheep. A brush should never be used as it could damage the undercoat. Combing is only necessary once a week.

The varieties of the Chartreux are limited, only blue or soft blue gray tones are seen.   You may notice an iridescence due to the silver on the tip of each hair.

The Chartreux a a great companion pet. They are gentle and loving with a tiny voice. They have strength and are smart and adaptive.

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