Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

Exotic Shorthair Cats

The Exotic Shorthair is a combination of Persian and American Shorthair. This cat now very much resembles the Persian except in the coat length.

Prior to 1967 when this breed was accepted for championship showing, the Domestic Shorthair was bred with the Persian Cat with the purpose of improving the coat.  The result became more popular than the original Domestic Shorthair that carried the full pedigree.  The Cat Fanciers' Association finally agreed in 1967 to allow this new breed call Exotic Shorthair. It gave credit to the many combinations of breeds such as Abyssinians, Burmese,. American Shorthairs and Persians.  It has now been established that the only breed acceptable to the Association that can be used to produce an Exotic is the Persian Cat.

The Exotic is a medium to large sized cat with short, thick, strong legs.  He has a thick, soft coat making him able to tolerate cool climates. The Exotic is easy to groom by giving regular combings with some extra attention given during shedding time so as to avoid hairballs.

All colors are acceptable for the Exotic Shorthair.  For showing purposes the eye color must be in conformance with the coat color.

The Exotic Cat is friendly and quite lovable.  He is a quiet cat who is affectionate and makes a great companion.

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