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Havana Cats

The Havana Brown can be somewhat shy but is graceful and gentle. The Havana is a result of a lot of work that finally produced a pure brown cat. This came about in the early 1950's when breeders crossed a seal point Siamese and a a black shorthaired cat with Siamese background. Originally known as Chestnut Brown Foreign, these cats are the basis for the Havana Browns. But the development of these cats changed when the United States and Britain went different way in their breeding. The American Havana is a much hardier cat than the British. Havana. The Havana Brown was accepted into Championships in the U.S. in l959 and Britain in 1958.

In the United States the Havana is a medium sized, fairly muscular cat.  The head is angular, and has more length than width and has a definite nose break.  The British Havana has a head that is more Siamese looking, a more rounded muzzle and a distinctive break on both sides.  The cat should have pronounced green eyes.  The legs of this cat are rather long in comparison with the body.  The female has a more slender appearance to her legs the male being more muscular.

The coat is smooth and shiny of medium length.  It should be combed two times weekly using a fine toothed comb. They should live in a warm climate.

Only one variety is found in the Havana and that is brown.  The color is referred to as mahogany as the coat goes toward the red and not black. The whiskers will also be brown.

The Havana Brown is a curious cat known to use its paws to touch and examine that which interests them.  These cats love people and need human attention.

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