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Oriental Shorthairs


The Oriental Shorthair is related to the Siamese they both demand a lot of attention, and, in turn, give total devotion. They are talkative, agile, smart, and independent. In the 1950 in Britain the Chestnut Brown Foreign cat was bred to become known as the Havana Brown. In 1962 another British breeder began working to come up with a blue eyed, white cat with the same Siamese features as the Havana. This cat breed, that was not deaf, was given championship recognition in Britain. It was called the Foreign White. In the United States two well known Siamese breeders fell in love with the Foreign Whites and other cats that look very much the same. They sought acceptance in the United States to combine all Foreign Shorthaired to be one breed called the Oriental Shorthaired. The Siamese, Abyssinians, and American Shorthaired were the cats crossed to produce the body type and colors. This cat was recognized for championship competition is the United States in l977. In other countries they are recognized as separate breeds either called Orientals or Foreign with different colors.

Like the Siamese, the body of the Oriental Shorthaired is thin and sleek. It has a medium sized body with fine bones but somewhat muscular. They have long, slender legs.

You will see the Oriental in both longhair and hair varieties. The longhair is actually a medium length coat, which is fine and silky. Regular combing is necessary with this variety. The Shorthaired Oriental has a fine coat, which is shiny. Only an occasional combing is needed to groom this variety. Both the Orientals come in more than 300 color varieties. Some of the most popular are white blue ebony, silver tabby, and lavender tabby. The kittens will not change color as they get older.

As with most of the Siamese mixed cats, the Oriental doesn't like to be alone. The females have large litters and are good mothers. They are gentle and loving and very smart. Even as they age they remain very playful and loving.

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