Paint Horses

The Paint, or Pinto horse, is technically only a color, not a true breed. Pintos were among the horses transported to South America by the Spanish explorer Cortez, in the early 16th century. Their wild descendants became popular with North American Natives because of their toughness and coloring, which made good camouflage for war-horses.

Height: can be any

Color: there are actually four separate, identifiable genetically unique color patterns, these being Tobiano, Frame Overo, Sabino Overo and Splashed Overo, although the last three of these are lumped into one category simply called "Overo". These coat patterns can be combined into compound Overos and Toveros as well. These spotting patterns are usually categorized as Tobiano, Overo (and sometimes Tovero) merely to make registration easier. Any of these patterns can be anywhere from minimal (having little white at all in the pattern) to extreme (being mostly white and showing only traces of what color the base coat is).

Personality: Pintos vary in temperament, depending on their breeding. They are used as cow ponies and for general riding.

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