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Siberian Cats

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats where first imported into the US in June of 1990 from what is now known as St. Petersburg, Russia. Other followed and a breeding program began. Siberian breeders had to work with the various American registries to obtain recognition of this breed. Siberians are shown in Championship status in all but ACFA, where they are shown as New Breed or Color and CFA who has yet to recognize the breed.

The colorpoint Siberian was first imported into the US in December 0f 1996 and is being shown as New Breed or Color. The Siberian is a large, massive but docile cat. It's long fur does need combing and the do shed. Some cat allergy prone families have been able to have Siberian cats in their homes without any allergic reactions. There are no health problems associated with the Siberian. This is a natural, survival breed and is overall a very healthy cat.

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