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Sphynx Cats

The Sphynx is the most unusual of all cats. Due to its appearance either he is loved or hated. Also known as the New Mexican Hairless cat, recognition was elusive until hairless cats began appearing in Canada in the 1960's. Because it was thought the breed might have some genetic problems, it has only ever received provisional status by the Cat Fanciers' Association. The only groups in the United States that recognized the Sphynx are the American Cat Association and The International Cat Association. This cat is rarely seen outside the United States. The body temperature in this cat is higher than the norm and he needs to eat more than the average cat due to its metabolism.

The body of the Sphynx is medium length and is sturdy. He is thick through the stomach area. The ears are very large and wide and have no inside hair. Legs are long, thin and are firm and muscled. Even though he looks hairless his skin has a covering of fine, short down, almost unseen to the human eye. This cat will always feel warn to the touch due to its not having an insulating coat. Another very unusual characteristic is that this cat sweats. They require daily sponging to remove oils. A very important fact is that the Sphynx must be protected from the sun. He should only be in warm climates.

The Sphynx is only seen with the type of coat already mentioned. The color varieties can be any and all including colorpoint. The colors and the patterns seem to be
tattooed on the skin of this cat due to the fact that the
hair can't really be seen.

People who have owned the Sphynx say he is extremely bright and affectionate. It is said he has a mystical effect on any one who holds him.

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